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We are a small family-owned kennel. We raise our dogs along side our three children.  We believe in keeping the  true standards of the American Bulldog. We also believe in our breedings. We strive to get the healthiest, top quality puppies.  We have the best bloodlines, including Johnson and Standard.  We have foundation bloodlines from many of the  greatest American Bulldogs that started the breed.  All of our puppies are born and raised in our home with our children. Our sires comes from many generations of working dog champions and our dams just as many.

The litters we have produced show the love and dedication we have of the breed.  We feel one of the most important aspects of raising American Bulldogs is having them live "with" your family, no dog should spend his life in a kennel. American Bulldogs are very loyal to their family and we are very loyal to them.

We have traveled many many miles to check out kennels and pick up what we wanted to make sure was top of the line dogs, meeting many good people in the process.   We continue to stay in touch with other kennels and continue to keep updated on anything and everything American Bulldog.

We spend a lot of time with our dogs, this is not just a hobby we decided to embark upon we have made this a part of our lives that we thoughly enjoy!  Our dogs are a part of our family. American Bulldogs are very protective of their surroundings, and make a great family pet as they are great with children. They are a very active breed requiring a lot of play and exercise.

A Bully's mind always has to be working.  An active, working Bulldog is a happy Bulldog!

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